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(UN Series, Book 2)


Kailey Bright’s UNRAVEL—Book #2 in the UN Series—is a story of conflicting identity, forged in deception, and perfect for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Take your second step and be brave despite fear.


Nora is her country’s first Unfortunate soldier—born without any powers and the only one of her kind still serving the Gifted elite. At the hem of a hesitant princess-turned-queen, Nora struggles to keep her fallen lover’s promise with the country’s growing instability.


Cassius, the disregarded prince Nora came to love, has revealed himself as the most powerful Gifted in existence—capable of taking any Gifted’s power for himself. He’s now hailed as a dark messiah for the Unfortunate revolution. After taking what he believes rightfully belongs to him, Cassius haunts Nora in her mind and toys with her emotions and allegiance alike. While Nora seeks to stop his rising influence, it’s hard for her to ignore that they both seek the same result: equity for her people.


Caught between her status as an Unfortunate, her newfound title alongside Gifted friends, and an inner light that could be further deceit, Nora must decide where her loyalty lies and face the embedding consequences.

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Book 2

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Ebook, Book 2

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