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The Kingdom of Iridion

Kingdom of Iridion Map color.png

"Created by the Divine and united under His will, the Kingdom of Iridion is a country diverse in Gifts and their respective cultures.

Gifteds were joined together by our first ruler, King Alston Iridion. He was granted the first Animus Gift. His ability to manipulate objects, read minds, and influence human actions made him the most powerful Gifted in the world. Chosen by the Divine to carry His will, King Alston created our monarchy, and the Animus Gift remains solely within the royal bloodline.


Illustrated on the left is the Kingdom of Iridion updated and colored for current demographics. Each color depicts the largest concentration of Gifteds and Unfortunates within a given area and holds no concrete division between population groups."

-Taken from the A Brief History of the Kingdom of Iridion textbook

Galdor Academy

Galdor Academy Map.png

"Galdor Academy calls to every Gifted in Iridion. Serving is a task for Unfortunates, but serving your country is just as important--the most important work we could carry.

It doesn’t matter where your path leads you. We need city guards and emergency response services in towns and villages just as much as we need Royal Crest Knights in the castle. We all pledge the same loyalty to the sovereign and to His will.

I only ask candidates be brave when I come knocking on their door."

-Excerpt from an interview with the current First Royal Crest Knight, Mr. Peter Harris

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