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(UN Series, Book 3)


"Judgment came swiftly, as silent and absolute as the angel of death."


Cassius has won. He triumphantly seized the crown from his ruinous sister and successfully flipped the kingdom on its head through the inverse of its original design. There’s only one thing that has slipped through his grasp.

Nora has lost. She is a gilded prisoner within the hollowed halls of Galdor Academy and is separated from her friends, unsure if they escaped the siege alive. There’s only one thing she can do in their absence: make him pay.

As Cassius casts judgment on those who don’t pledge their loyalty, Nora does everything in her power to shift the tides. To prove once and for all that he is not the messiah her people claims he is. And when a powerful connection ties Nora and Fern back together, both seek to fulfill an unbreakable promise in hopes of unifying Iridion through something greater than fear.

From award winning author Kailey Bright comes the thrilling action-packed finale in the

UN series.

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The Complete Trilogy

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Pledge Loyalty to Iridion

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Join the Anti-Gifteds Movement

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Peony & Poppy

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