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"Kailey Bright proves chapter after chapter that she is a force to be reckoned with in the writing industry."

~ Emily Craig

Will You Love Me Again? series

"UNFORTUNATE combines vivid characters with rich world building and an epic story that kept me on the edge of my seat until the final page."

~ Imogen Elvis

The Crystal Tree

“Bright's debut novel seamlessly blends magical realism and moral complexity. Full of symbolism and mystery, this YA fantasy novel is sure to leave readers wanting more."

~ Linda Xia

Heir of Blood and Secrets

“UNFORTUNATE will have you second-guessing who to pledge loyalty to with every page turn.”

~ Whitney McGruder

Destiny Seeker duology

"UNFORTUNATE is a must read for those seeking to get swept up in an immersive world of characters that continue to defy the odds."

~Emily Vanderbent

The Crimson Past series

“In UNFORTUNATE, Bright shines a spotlight on what it truly means to be human: regardless of where you were born, or what powers you may or may not have, you are a force to be reckoned with.”

~ Monica Vogel


"Mixing elements of mystery and romance with its magical roots, Bright’s debut novel is a thrilling read!"

~ Catherine Downen

The Markings trilogy

“UNFORTUNATE is a page-turner. The world building is immersive, the characters leap off the page, and the plot is one of the most interesting takes on the dystopian genre I’ve seen.”

~ Claerie Kavanaugh

Lyssa's Holiday Hijinks series

"The world reveals itself to be increasingly more complex, chapter after chapter and asks one of life’s most important questions: How does the story of one individual fit into the bigger story of us all?"

~ Dr. Sean Barnette

Lander University

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Reader Reviews

Darlene McLeod

SJH Librarian

“Even though I am NOT a fantasy reader, I absolutely loved this one!”

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