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"Bright & Ambitious" is all about learning, collaborating, and celebrating the art of writing!

Each season brings new and reoccurring guests as we discuss:

  • our personal writing journey

  • our writing triumphs and mishaps

  • and share industry secrets.

You'll enjoy "Bright & Ambitious" if you're looking for a conversational-based podcast that dives into all aspects of the writing process: from laughing at my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan-fiction to world-building techniques.

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Join me in conversation

Are you a debut author, seasoned professional, or writing fanatic? Have you unlocked the key into self-publishing? Or know how to create engaging book covers? Let's chat!

For all queries regarding "Bright & Ambitious", reach out at:

***I am currently not seeking any queries regarding Bright & Ambitious***

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