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I am nowhere without readership. Your love and time is greatly appreciated and showcased here.

My first meme!

Submitted by Mei Scott

"Started and finished in one day because I could not bring myself to put it down and now I am angry for not pacing myself because now I have to wait for the next installment. Bright did not come to play. I need as many people as possible to read this because I need someone to vent to about this new world that Bright has so carefully crafted..."

My First Meme.png

My first fan-art!

Submitted by Macy Gault

I love her depiction of Fern with pigtails! Real Anne of Green Gables vibes.

My first TikTok animation!

Submitted by Joel Seymour


"I had given up on young adult before reading this book, but Unfortunate completely changed my mind on the whole genre..."

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